Comes with:

  • 1x Hardcover The Easy Way: Friday the 13th 
  • 1x Paperback The Easy Way: Friday the 13th (Pocket Guide)
  • 4x Gloss prints: Jason Voorhees cover art, Alternate cover art work, Friday the 13th map poster, Friday the 13th LJN AD
  • 1x Jason Voorhees custom 2 inch mask pin (while supplies last)
  • 1x Jason Mask Magnet
  • 1x The Easy Way holographic sticker
  • 1x The Easy Way convention backpack


The Easy way is a modern perspective on a retro video game strategy guide. It uses tools and resources that were not available during the lifecycle of the NES paired with my own knowledge and experiences. The guide is designed to help gamers of any skill level learn how to complete Friday the 13th on NES the Easiest Way possible. 

  • Over 120 full color pages
  • Complete maps of every area of the game 
  • Detailed descriptions of every enemy, weapon, counselor and item.
  • Locations of every item and weapon inside of every section of the game. 
  • Detailed control lists for every area type. 
  • Detailed routes and graphics of the inside of every type of cabin.
  • A complete explanation of Jason’s movements , routes, and behaviors. 
  • A complete analysis of how to fight Jason and Pamela Voorhees on all three days .
  • Every known glitch, trick, or tip is included in the book.
  • All known Game Genie codes and a list of advanced challenges to really test your skill and knowledge. 
  • The Easy Way method: The easiest and most understandable way to complete Friday the 13th. 

The Easy Way: Friday the 13th (Hardcover Bundle #2)