Comes with:
1x Paperback The Easy Way: Fester's Quest

3x Gloss prints: Jackie Coogan Fester, Addams Family (B&W), Fester Sunsoft AD

1x The Easy Way convention backpack


The Easy way is a modern perspective on a retro video game strategy guide. It uses tools and resources that were not available during the lifecycle of the NES paired with my own knowledge and experiences. The guide is designed to help gamers of any skill level learn how to complete Fester's Quest in the Easiest Way possible. 



  • 36 full color pages
  • Complete streets map
  • Full sewer maps 
  • Full map of the UFO
  • Detailed descriptions of every enemy, weapon, and item
  • Locations of every item, house, and building  inside all six areas of the game
  • Detailed control lists for every area type
  • Detailed routes and graphics of the inside of every 3-D building maze.
  • Boss strategies for all six bosses
  • Every known glitch, trick, or tip is included in the book.
  • All known Game Genie codes
  • The Easy Way method: The easiest and most understandable way to complete Fester’s Quest with step by step instructions not found anywhere else. 

The Easy Way: Fester's Quest (Paperback Bundle)

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